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Kendal Hockin named Fall 2018 OICR Fellow in Critical Theory + Filmmaking


Kendal Hockin has been named the Fall 2018 OICR Fellow in Critical Theory + Filmmaking.  He studied at the California College of the Arts and, later, at the Pacific Northwest College of Art, where he graduated with a degree in Video as well as Sound & Performance.  He is a 2014 recipient of the Princess Grace Foundation-USA award, which is named after Grace Kelly, Princess of Monaco, and devoted to fostering emerging talent in film, dance, and theater.  Creating a rich, new visual lexicon for inner reality, Hockin explores the interstices between the animate and inanimate, human and nonhuman, the quick and the dead, mimicry and legendary psychaesthenia, to cite the title of the influential 1935 essay of the late French theorist Roger Caillois of the same title. The figures that haunt his work assimilate themselves into space almost as quickly as they are induced by it. Hockin divides his time between Portland and Brooklyn, New York.

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