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The Sea as Seen from the Shore by Flashlight (A Reading of Poetry Devoted to the Sea, beginning with Jules Michelet’s La Mer)


Starting with Jules Michelet’s 1861 encomium to the Sea, La Mer, with its devastatingly-named chapters (“The Genesis of the Sea,” “Fecundity,” “The Milky Sea,” “The Atom,” “Blood-Flower,” “The Law of Storms,” “The World Makers,” “Daughter of the Seas,” and so forth), this event, the title of which riffs on one of Michelet’s chapter titles, is devoted to celebrating the Sea, and we invite friends and strangers alike to join us in reading poetry devoted to the Sea.  Please bring with you what you consider to be the most beautiful poem, or piece of prose as dense as poetry, concerning the Sea:  a piece of writing that captures, limns, traces, and evokes the Sea in dazzling flashes of light.

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