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Trace Fleeman y Garcia makes poster presentation at the International Urban Wildlife Conference at Portland State University


Trace Fleeman y Garcia
Poster Presentation
Portland Urban Wildlife Conference

Much contemporary discourse informing attitudes towards wildlife is based on the single proposition that humans and nonhumans belong to, and belong in, different spaces, with a few acceptable interlopers in the form of domesticated animals, animals-as-property, interspecies families, and so forth.  The concept of “urban wildlife,” in and of itself, throws the status quo into question and represents a conceptual advance, for what has not yet been adequately theorized are new types of post-species arrangements and dynamics.  As an ecologist and eco-activist, I am interested especially in the possible vacuum that might arise with the demise of species-ism, considering such a possibility as both a challenge and an opportunity for rethinking the notion of species as well as imagining radically different relationships and arrangements between humans and other animals.  With this presentation, I seek to outline not a political program but various spaces for post-species possibilities, both sacred and profane.

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