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OICR is proud to announce its affiliation with the International Writing Program, University of Iowa 


The Oregon Institute for Creative Research proudly announces an affiliation with the International Writing Program, one of the nation’s key cultural exchanges, at the University of Iowa, the premier center for creative writing.  Under the leadership of writer Christopher Merrill, the IWP selects each year thirty to thirty-five writers from around the world to trade ideas and visions with writers from the USA.  Designed for emerging and established creative writers who have published at least one book, the program recently celebrated its fiftieth anniversary.  Since 1967, over 1,400 writers from more than 150 countries have participated in the IWP residency, which lasts from late August to mid-November, after which time select writers take up short residencies at other institutions in various parts of the country.  This year, the Oregon Institute for Creative Research has been chosen as one of a handful of institutions across the country to host an IWP writer, who will interact with OICR students and the wider community while exploring the natural and cultural wonders of the state.