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OICR Fall Colloquium & Artist Residency @ Caldera

Caldera, Fall 2016.jpg

Dates: Tuesday, October 4-Friday, October 7, 2016
Theme: “Question and Answer”
Special Guests: Nick Fish, City Commissioner, City of Portland; Chiara Ricciardone, Frank E. Ratliff Fellow in Classical Antiquity, University of California, Berkeley; Micah White, Author and Activist, Occupy Wall Street; Deniz Tasdemir-Conger, Vice President for Philanthropy/ Development, Cascadia Behavioral Healthcare; Tsui, Ling Toomer, Executive Producer, Big-Giant; Emily Chenoweth, Author; Joan Handwerg, Art Historian; Lisa Siewert, Writer; Martina Ford, Medical Teams International

Faculty and Staff: Anne-Marie Oliver and Barry Sanders, Founding Directors, OICR
Assistant to the Directors: Andrew Woods
Chefs: Granger Johnson, Larissa Johnson
Research Associates: Laura Birchard, Jessie Drake, Natassia Haas, Joseph Higby, Tracé Hulette, Emily Hyde, Harrison Salton, Taryn Tomasello, Mark Tracy, Terence Tynan

 Joining us from Berlin: Siya Manova, Lucas Rehnman Magalhães

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