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CT+CR Fall Colloquium and Artist Residency


CT+CR Fall Colloquium and Artist Residency @ Caldera 2012

With major support from Paul Livadary and the Marshall and Margherite McComb Foundation and with special thanks to Peets Coffee

Dates:  October 3-7, 2012
Theme:  “The Visible, the Invisible, and the Indivisible”
Special guests:  Nina Katchadourian, Clinical Assistant Professor at the NYU Gallatin School for Individualized Study; Sina Najafi, Editor-in-Chief, Cabinet magazine; Dan Heagerty, Board of Governors, Caldera Arts Center
Faculty:  Anne-Marie Oliver, Barry Sanders, Marie-Pierre Hasne, Joan Handwerg
Program coordinator:  Nicole Eriko Amagai-Smith
Chef:  Cathy Cleaver
Participants:  Marshall Astor, Karena Bennett, Carmen Denison, Kimberly Disney, Peter Falanga, André Busch Fortes, Dustin Freemont, Val Hardy, Lauren Heagerty, Hannah Horovitz, Evangelina Owens, Mel Ponis, Robert Reincke, Kevin Smith, Dawn Stoppiello, Muhammad Usruf, Brooke Wendt, Chloé Womack

Fall Colloquium and Artist Residency 2012 Schedule